Space | Week 7 | Stars & Space Debris

starsPoem: Evening Star – Edgar Allen Poe

Constellation: Aquila

Craft: Marshmallow Constellations

Space Person: Willamina Fleming (Wikipedia, Working Women) Famous for developing new star classification system, discovered many novae, nebulae, and variable stars.

Movie: Stargate


  • stellar nebula: a cloud of super heated gasses and other elements formed by the explosive death of a massive star
  • average star: a star predicted to go through the main sequence of life
  • red giant: a star that has low surface temperature and a diameter that is large relative to the sun
  • planetary nebula: created when a star blows of it’s outer layers after it has run out of fuel to burn
  • white dwarf: the burned out core of collapsed stars that, like dying embers, slowly cool and fade away
  • massive star: any star which is larger than 8 solar masses during its regular main sequence lifetime
  • red supergiant: an aging giant star that has consumed its core’s supply of hydrogen fuel
  • supernova: the explosion of a star.  the largest explosion that takes place in space


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