Space | Week 5 : Moons

moonsPoem:  I’m waiting for a rocket ship to take me to the moon.  My best friend has been building one, he’ll pick me up by noon.  First we’re going to skip moon rocks across the milky way.  And then we’ll ask some aliens to dance the moon ballet.  I think we’ll do some fishing for comets passing by.  We likely won’t catch any, but it’s still fun to try.  It always takes my breath away to see earth from the air.  But soon I’ll have to come back home- there are no bathrooms there.

Constellation: Cygnus

Craft:  Moon Phases/ Moon Rocks

Space Person: Caroline Herschel

Movie: Wall-E


  • June 26th | 11am |  Exploding Universe
  • June 28th | 11am | Black Holes


  • satellite: a celestial body that orbits (circles) another object in space
  • lunar: a word that describes items associated with the moon
  • regolith: the layer of loose material covering the hard rocky surface of the moon
  • crater: a bowl shaped depression with a raised rim formed by the impact of a meteroid with the surface of the moon
  • lunar phase: the particular appearance presented by the moon or a planet at a given time
  • waxing: the moons visible area is increasing
  • waning: the moons visible area is decreasing
  • gibbous: when the moon is more than half full

References:  NatGO, Moon Phase Calendar, Moon’s effects on the Tides, Moons in Our Solar System, Top 10 Bizarre Moons, Niel Armstrong on the Moon