Space | Week 2 | Inner Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, & Mars


Poem: Trees by Harry Behn

Constellation: Cassiopeia

Craft: Galaxy T-Shirt

Space Person: Ptolemy – known for idea that the earth was the center of the universe.(WikipediaPtolemy’s Model Of the Universe)

Movie: Men in Black

Planetarium Shows:  (Check out the Planetarium Shows post to reserve tickets!)

Vocabulary Words:

  • astronomy: a branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole
  • atmosphere: the envelope of gases surrounding the earth or another planet
  • troposphere: the first layer of the atmosphere.  this is where we live and planes fly.
  • stratosphere: the second layer of the atmosphere.  weather balloons go as high as the stratosphere.
  • mesosphere: the third layer of the atmosphere.  this is where most meteors burn up.  the coldest place on earth is at the top of the mesosphere
  • thermosphere: the fourth layer of atmosphere.  the air is very thin and temperatures get extremely hot.  at the lower layer of the thermosphere is where the northern lights are, nearer the top is where space shuttles and the ISS orbit.
  • exosphere: the fifth and last layer of atmosphere.  it goes up to 10,000 km above the earths surface.
  • altitude: height above sea level or the earth’s surface.

Video ReferencesExplore the Solar System: The Rocky Planets,  The Solar System Song, Inner Planets,  Terrestrial Planets,  The Planet Mercury , The Planet Venus, The Planet Earth, & The Planet Mars

We recently purchased a telescope.  It is pretty great.  We busted it out and looked at the moon.  We haven’t done anything with the starts or planets yet.  The sun is setting later and later and my kids can’t make it that late.  We might try waking up early in the morning though and seeing the stars and planets that way.  This is the one we purchased from Amazon.  It comes with a backpack which is nice.