Space | Week 4 | The 9th Planet, Pluto, & Dwarf Planets

dwarf planetsPoem or Quote: Warning – Shel Silverstein

Constellation: Hercules

Craft: Explosions/ Chemical Reactions

Space Person: Copernicus – Known for model of the universe where the sun is the center (wikipedia, 100 Greatest Discoveries)

Movie: Zathura


  • June 20th | 11am | Perfect Little Planet
  • June 22nd | 11am | Wonders of the Universe

Vocabulary Words:

  • pulsar: a highly magnetized rotating neutron star or white dwarf that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation, often looks like a flickering star
  • dwarf planet: doesn’t meet at least one of the 3 requirements
  • ISS: International Space Station
  • interplanetary: situated or traveling between planets
  • intergalactic: relating to or situated between two or more galaxies
  • horizon: the line at which the earths surface and the sky appear to meet
  • gravitation: movement toward or attraction to something
  • aerospace: the branch of technology and industry concerned with both aviation and space flights

Video References: The 9th Planet, Scientists may have found “true” 9th planet, Planet 9 from Outer Space, Pluto: Still not a planet, Why Isn’t Pluto a Planet, Dwarf Planet Song,

Other References:

This past week my son REALLY enjoyed putting together a LEGO Space Ship that he received from his aunt.  If your kids love LEGOs try this one out from Amazon.