Space | Week 6 | Black Holes

A stellar-mass black hole in orbit with a companion star located about 6,000 light years from Earth.Poem: Listen to the Mustn’ts by Shel Silverstein

Constellation: Learn your own Zodiac Signzodiac-months

Craft: Black Holes

Space Person: Galileo (wikipedia, achievements) – Known for discovering the moon had craters, Jupiter has moons, & dropping objects off the Tower of Pisa

Movie: Independence Day


  • accretion disk: an orbiting disk of matter spiraling in towards a black hole
  • black hole: remnant of a star that is so dense that nothing not even light can escape it’s gravity field
  • event horizon: the invisible boundary around a black hole which when passed nothing can escape the gravitational pull, not even light
  • gamma ray burst: a sudden burst of gamma rays from deep space which bursts apparently come from distant galaxies, but their precise mechanism is unknown
  • singularity: a point in which matter is infinitely dense, as in the center of a black hole or the universe at the very beginning
  • stellar black hole: a black hole formed by the gravitational collapse of a massive star at the end of it’s lifetime
  • super massive black hole: the largest type of black hole in a galaxy on the order of hundreds of thousands to billions of solar masses

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