Space | Week 8 | Comets & Asteroids

cometsQuote: Early Bird – Shel Silverstein

Constellation: Corona Borealis

Space Person: Kepler (Wikipedia, Famous Scientists) Famous for Planetary Laws of Motion

Movie: Armageddon


  • comet: an object that falls in outer space that orbits on an elliptical path
  • meteor: a falling rock object in outer space that burns as it falls
  • meteorite: a meteor that explodes after it falls down
  • meteoroid: a rock that is smaller than an asteroid and at least as small as a speck of dust
  • asteroid: minor planet made up of minerals and rock
  • asteroid belt: circumstellar disc located between Mars and Jupiter occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies called asteroids or minor planets
  • nebula: a cloud of interstellar dust and rock
  • alien: something different or foreign


Top 10 Comets, Comets: Crash Course, All about Comets, Bill Nye- Could we stop an Asteroid?, Asteroid Belt, Asteroid Belt


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